5 tips to Improve your Golf Grip

by Simon Butler

Five tips to improve your golf grip Improving how your hand positioning on  your club will help to improve your golf swing, which will in turn improve your golf game.

How you hold your golf club is a very important part of your gameThe grip is the most fundamental part of the game, as how you hold your club will affect the way you wind up and power through each shot. If you want to improve your grip, the five tips below will help you hold your club the right way:

Your stance is an important part of the perfect Grip

Watch Your Legs — It’s important that you keep your knees bent, but don’t let your body sag. Instead, keep your leg muscles firm, giving you the right amount of spring in your legs as you wind up and release that power into the drive. You’re going to feel a bit uncomfortable in this position at first, but you’ll get used to it – and you’ll find that it will be much easier to throw all of your power into each drive once you get the legs right. Your grip will feel more natural when your legs are loose.

Don’t Hold the club too Tightly

Many people make the mistake of holding the club too tightly, and this will often cause you cut your swing across the ball rather than making a solid connection as you swing through it. Focus on gripping the club lightly, as that will help to reduce the tension in your muscles. With less tension, it will be much easier for you to hit the swing just right.

Apply the Right Pressure

If you are applying pressure from the wrong part of your hands, it will usually cause you to grip the club more tightly than you should. Focus on just pressing on the club with the last three fingers of your left hand, and keep your forefinger and thumb free of the grip. Always use the pads of your hands to apply pressure as you swing, but stay away from using your palms. If you can correct your grip, it will be much easier to feel the swing.

Focus on the “V”

The “V” is where your hands meet, and where your thumbs and forefingers of both hands intersect. You’ll need to correct your grip so that you can only see two of the knuckles of your left hand pointing towards your face, and extend the forefinger of your right hand so that it is pointing towards the head of the club. Use the middle fingers of your right hand to grip the club, and you’ll form the perfect “V” for the perfect grip.

Apply the Right Pressure --

Align the Grip

You need your grip to be perfectly aligned with the club, as it will ensure the accuracy of your shots. Your left hand should cover the end of the grip, and your wrist should be on top of the club. Your thumb will point directly down towards the head of the club, which will give you the best accuracy in your shots. You’ll feel your elbows straighten out naturally, and bent elbows are an indication that you’re doing something wrong with the grip.

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  • July 29, 2013

    I’m really getting into Golf now, and spending a lot of time down the driving range. This article on how to hold my club has really helped me especially stopping me from slicing everything !!. thanks Simon

    • Simon Butler
      July 29, 2013

      The driving range is a great place to iron out a lot of silly mistakes and give you the confidence when you get on the course. Thanks for the comment Mike

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