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Golf Chipping Tips To Help You Master Your Short Game

by Simon Butler

Your short game is important when playing golf so you probably work to improve it as much as you can. Here are some golf chipping tips that might help.

As you can imagine, there are many different types of chips you can make so there is no one single best method for getting your ball close to the hole. A lot of factors come into play like the lie you have, the height of the grass, condition of the green, and your distance from the hole.

One of the more basic golf chipping tips has to do with the standard chip that is played when you are near the green but not on it. Normally, you would play the shot with a nine-iron or a wedge you feel comfortable with. A good rule to remember is that a superior chip shot will fly around one third of the way to the cup and roll the rest of the distance. Play this shot in the center of your stance and keep your hands well ahead of the ball while holding the club face square.

Another of the golf chipping tips deals with the soft shot where you drive the ball farther on the fly and hopefully have a soft landing next to the cup so the ball rolls right into it. For this shot, you would usually use a lob wedge but you can also use a sand wedge.

To play the soft shot, it is good to address the ball with your club face open a little. Keep your hands behind the ball during the swing and play it forward. To be effective, you must learn how to accelerate the club head. When you learn how to do it correctly, the golf ball will fly high for a short distance and then it will roll just a little bit after it lands.

When you come across a situation where there is a lot of green in between you and the hole, a low chip shot might be a good choice. This shot usually requires the use of a mid-iron such as a six-iron or seven-iron. Play the ball toward the back of your stance. This gives you the descending type of force you need to move the ball. Be sure to keep your hands ahead of the club head though and keep the club face square to the hole.

This shot will give you the most roll after the ball lands on the green so it is a good choice if you are worried about going past the hole and landing in a water hazard or sand trap. You can aim your shot at the hole and let the ball roll right in.

One of the best golf chipping tips is to practice using all of your chip clubs on a regular basis from the mid-irons to the wedges. Each of these requires its own swing and set-up so you will have to learn how to use each one and practice it regularly to master it.

You could start with the standard shot and the soft shot as these are the two that you will use the most during a usual game of golf. Once you have mastered those, you can move on to learning the low shot. It is a little more difficult to learn and will take longer, but it is worth the time commitment.

Be patient and keep practicing. Most of all have fun. By incorporating some of these golf chipping tips into your short game, it won’t be long until you are achieving a lower score time after time.

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