Golf Distance Tips That Will Improve Your Yardage

by Simon Butler

If you are like most of your fellow golfers, you would like to know some golf distance tips that will help you boost your yardage. This article will provide you with some good advice, but in order to benefit from these golf distance tips, you need to hit the course and practice them.

One of the first golf distance tips you should know is that it is not a good idea to sacrifice accuracy for length. After all, getting your ball far down the fairway will mean nothing to you if the shot ends in a trap or goes wild. Therefore, for most golfers, accuracy should always trump distance.

One thing you can try for additional yardage is to angle your left foot if you are right handed. Your golfing power resides in your hips. Although your arms swing the club, the power for long shots comes from your hips.

When you position your left foot so it is turned just a bit towards the outside, your hips can more easily complete a full turn. This lets your hips build more power than can drive your ball farther down the fairway.

Another one of the golf distance tips is to keep an eye on your posture. Your posture in the stance is very important to your hips. Keep your knees flexed as this allows you to smoothly shift your weight from side to side as you hit the ball. This allows more energy to be transferred to it so it will travel further.

One of the more challenging golf distance tips can really make a difference in your yardage once you have mastered it. This one involves the use of your hands. When your hips move through the strike zone, you should release your right hand just as the club head approaches the golf ball. When the club makes contact with the golf ball, your right hand snaps forward. This will take a lot of practice to master, but when you have it down pat; you can add up to twenty yards to your distance. You can use this for fairway shots and tee shots.

Many golfers make the mistake of trying to use muscle to get extra yards by hitting the ball harder with their arms. They rely on muscling their way through rather than using more effective and simpler techniques.

The secret to longer shots is in the club head speed. To some degree it is true that golfers with more muscular strength have an advantage, but overall, when a player relies upon his arms as his source of power, he fails to gain much distance. Usually what happens is the club face rotates and he ends up with a slice or hook and he does worse than he would have without trying to use muscle power. For that reason, you should avoid the temptation to rip into the ball.

When you are after distance, you want to perfect your draw shot. This is a favored shot of many professional golfers. With this, the ball heads to the right after leaving the tee and then curves back to the left. It usually has a low trajectory and once it lands on the fairway, it will roll a good distance.

These golf distance tips can help you gain yards if you put them into practice and gain the skills to use them properly. When you want to improve yardage or any other aspect of your golf game, the only way to do it is to get on the range and practice. You can read a lot of helpful information but there is no substitute for hands-on training when you are trying to learn a new golfing technique.

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