Golf Downswing Tips For Better Distance

by Simon Butler

Your downswing is important to getting off a good shot so you’ll want to master your downswing to the best degree possible. Here are a few golf downswing tips that might be helpful, especially for beginning players.

It is easy to find all kinds of information on golfing such as tips on your stance, takeaway, backswing, follow through, and just about ever thing else. However, golf downswing tips are not that easy to find.

When you are at the top of your backswing and start to come back down, your body creates the power needed to hit the ball squarely; it also works up speed on the club head. Both of these facets work together to create more distance for your ball.

One of the important golf downswing tips is to make sure you create a smooth transition from the top of the backswing through the beginning of your downswing. Many beginning golfers have a tendency to jerk the club when it is at the top of the backswing, or even worse, they begin the downswing with their hands. When you lead with your hands you throw the entire process out of sync with the club head and the end result is usually a bad slice or hook.

When you lead with your hands or if you jerk your club at the top of the backswing, you can correct the problem with this fix. At the top of your backswing, take just a slight pause of a microsecond before you start moving again. When you start moving, lead with your hips and let the rest of your body follow along naturally. A smooth motion like this that is lead with your hips will allow you to control the ball better and will add yards to your distance.

Another of the helpful golf downswing tips is to keep your hands ahead of the club head when it strikes the golf ball. This allows all of the accumulated energy to be transferred to the ball. When your hands fall behind the club head on impact, all of that energy is essentially lost. That is why you are told over and over not to let your hands lead the downswing process.

Here is another of the good golf downswing tips: keep your head behind the ball. This helps you maximize power that you have built up with your body coil. When your head gets ahead of the ball you usually pull the club head off of its swing path and this will cause you to have a bad shot.

There are also some good golf downswing tips involving acceleration. When your body uncoils, the club head picks up speed. This acceleration begins as soon as you start the downswing, however to make a good shot, you need to continue all the way across the strike zone. Don’t hold back or look up when your club connects. Stay focused on your shot and follow though smoothly and completely.

Even though people don’t seem to talk much about the downswing and you don’t see too many golf downswing tips, the downswing is actually one of the most important parts of the swing. Until you are able to master the art of making a smooth, fluid downswing, your distance will be less than you are hoping for. However, with enough practice, you can improve your body mechanics as well as your downswing. When you do that you will gain a lot of distance on your ball.

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