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Golf Driver Tips For Better Tee Shots

by Simon Butler

Every golfer wants to master the driver so golf driver tips are easy enough to find online and in magazines. To many, the driver is hard to master and is even intimidating. This collection of golf driver tips will hopefully help you gain control over this club and improve your game.

Getting a solid reliable hit off the tee is a big part of a low golf score. Just ask anyone who has shagged a ball that sliced or hooked off the tee. A few shots like that and your score is ruined for the entire day.

That’s why reviewing golf driver tips and learning new techniques is helpful. When you practice and apply them, it can really lower your score.

When you get a good shot off the tee that is accurate and has great distance, your ball will go where you want and land on the green. This opens up the possibility of making birdies and eagles. A few good shots like that can lower your score a great deal.

So you’ll come across many golf driver tips but perhaps the most basic is that you just have to relax. Golfers that try to force the ball down the fairway by ripping into it often wind up with a slice or hook for their trouble. An effective golf swing is one that is relaxed so the club head can do the job it is designed to do. When you try to strong-arm your way through a tee shot, you just end up opening or closing the club face and then you’ll be searching for your ball out in the woods somewhere.

Another of the basic but good golf driver tips is to leave the past in the past. If you botch up a hole, don’t carry the baggage to the next tee. When you are filled with anger or frustration, you can’t shoot well. After a bad shot, take a minute to calm down, take some deep breaths and think through your pre-shot routine.

If you are using the newer 460 cc clubs off the tee, you’ll want to take this bit of advice. Be sure to get in plenty of practice first rather than just switching clubs. Practice is the key to success with these heavy clubs.

Because they are bigger and heavier, it will be harder to square them up until you get used to it. You won’t want to march out onto the course until you have put in enough training time to get a good feel for these big clubs. Because they are different, it will take time to find your sweet spot with them.

One of the helpful golf driver tips concerning these big clubs is that you will need taller tees. Your ball needs to be elevated higher so the club can strike it properly and lift it from the ground. Finding just the right height will take some trial and error.

Also, whether you are using the big clubs or your usual ones, resist the urge to grip your club too tightly. When you hold the shaft too tight, you have a greater chance of slicing your ball.

These golf driver tips are simple enough but if you follow them, you will see improved accuracy and better distance out of your tee shots. The only way to get better at both though is to practice as often as you can.

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  • Mike Richards
    July 29, 2013

    Thanks for this, a good tee shot can really make a big difference, using this advice I’m getting on the green a lot quicker.

    • Simon Butler
      July 29, 2013

      thankyou sir, glad to hear your games improving. Regards Simon

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