Golf Swing Tips For More Successful Shots

by Simon Butler

Are you looking for some golf backswing tips to help you improve your game? Here are a few that might help.

Why is my Golf Swing weak?

There is no reason to make the takeaway phase of your swing more difficult than it has to be. You can take some of these golf backswing tips, put them into practice, and improve your game in no time.

Of all the golf backswing tips you will come across, this one is the most crucial: to make a successful shot you must play the ball properly in your stance. Every shot in the game of golf has a correct ball position and you’ll need to learn all of them to play the best game.

When you assume a stance, be sure your hands grip your club properly. A lot of players use a grip that is not strong enough or is too strong. You don’t have to choke the club but you should strive to use a firm grip.

The perfect golf swing is a key component to your gameAnother of the important golf backswing tips is to keep flex in your knees. When you keep your knees flexed, your hips can turn fully and this allows you to make more powerful shots.

Getting your swing right will improve your golfing pleasure

Make an effort to keep both of your arms straight when you bring your club back. When you keep them straight, the distance between your hands and the club head stays the same throughout the first phase of your shot. If you bend your arms early then the distance changes and corrections will have to be made in order to have a successful shot. Avoid that problem by keeping both of your arms as straight as possible during the initial part of the takeaway.

When your hands and club are waist high, then your right arm needs to bend at the elbow. However, be sure you don’t let your hands rotate. This allows you to create a wide arc as you swing the club back.

While your hands are at waist level, you also need to turn your shoulders and upper body. Continue this fluid motion until your club is at the top of your backswing. This coiling movement creates the energy you need to release upon impact with the ball. Some golfers find they have problems turning their hips fully. If you find you have trouble doing this, try some flexibility exercises for your hips, shoulders, legs, and body.

Another of the useful golf backswing tips is to know where your “top” is. “Top” refers to the top of your backswing and it varies from player to player. Some golfers can bring their clubs up nearly parallel but others cannot. It doesn’t really matter where you fall on that scale, it is just important that you get the maximum height for you since this will give you a lot more speed on the club head during your shot.

The last of the golf backswing tips is to create a smooth transition into the downswing. Eliminate jerks in your swing. Make fluid, smooth movements and let your hips lead the swing, not your hands.

The initial part of your golf swing is vital because it sets the stage for all of the movements that are to follow.

Backswing tips that will help you

If you find you are having problems with your shots, think back on these golf backswing tips. Many times, you can trace a missed shot back to a problem in the initial part of your backswing. If you can’t pinpoint the problem yourself, it may help if you ask an experienced golfer to watch you make a few swings. He may be able to point out what you are doing wrong so you can correct it and resolve your problems.

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