Golf - Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips For Beginners That Will Improve Your Game

by Simon Butler

When you are learning how to play golf, you will come across many golf tips for beginners as well as articles and books about the game. However, some of the basic tips are often over looked. Here are a few of the lesser known golf tips for beginners.

To start with, you must have the right clubs. Kids and juniors need to have clubs of the proper size for their height. Many times, young players try to learn the game while using adult clubs but this is not a good idea. It isn’t possible to master skills with a club of the wrong size and it might even cause them to develop bad swing habits.

Another good golf tip for beginners is to learn the rules of etiquette and be sure to always observe them when on the course. For instance, do you know how to enter and exit a sand trap? Do you know what the rake is for or that you shouldn’t ground your club? This why it is helpful to play with experienced players rather than fellow beginners all of the time. You can learn about the rules and traditional course etiquette that experienced players abide by.

A mistake new golfers tend to make is that they try to learn the fundamentals of a good golf swing all by themselves. This can be a frustrating process. One of the useful golf tips for beginners is to take some golf lesions when you are first starting out, even if it is just one or two lessons. A golf pro can save you a lot of trial and error and correcting of bad habits. He’ll teach you the fundamentals of a good swing by showing you how to get set up, and how to make the swing. Plus you will get valuable feedback on the spot.

Beginning golfers often have problems with the takeaway. They tend to whip the club back but this is the wrong thing to do. A proper takeaway is crucial to the rest of the swing finishing properly. It is important to understand control is better than bringing the club back fast.

Another of the good golf tips for beginners is to be aware of your body rotation. The right way is to bring the club back by allowing your shoulders to turn while your club face stays square, then your hips follow. When you reach the top of your downswing, your hips lead the process, not your hands.

Follow though is also quite important and often dismissed by beginners. Some of your shots will require a full follow through but others won’t and you should learn the difference early on if you want to be at the top of your game.

A pretty common mistake is stopping short on the follow-through. This motion will have a negative effect on the performance of your shot. For many beginners this is unintentional as they automatically lift their heads to watch their ball take off. One of the good golf tips for beginners is to resist the urge to lift your head and complete your follow through to the end.

One of the most important golf tips for beginners is to get out there and practice as often as you can. Learning golf requires a lot of hands-on experience with each one of your clubs. You’ll never master your golf swing until you devote the time and energy needed to learn how each club performs and how it reacts to your swing.

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