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by Simon Butler

Welcome to Playing Perfect Golf, feel free to check out some of the great content and resources I have on this learning to play golf.

Golf is a wonderful game with many different facets. In the weeks to come I will be posting more and more articles covering all the elements of the game.Golf Tips

Here’s just some of the topics that will be covered.

1) Fixing the Dreaded Golf Slice
2) Golf Back Swing Tips
3) Golf Chipping Tips
4) Golf Driving Tips
5) Golf Distance Tips
6) Golf Putting Tips

and much, much more…….

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If you are having problems with your golf game, perhaps you have the dreaded golf slice or perhaps you have difficulties with your short game. Then you are probably looking for some useful tips that will help cure your problems. Here are a few tips that may help you fix your golf slice problems for good. Please see some teasers from my golf tips sections below.

Golf Slice

Like any golf strategy, correcting a slice is a process. By working your way through the possible culprits, you will eventually find the cause of your problem. Here are some time-tested tips on correcting a slice.

Golf Slice Tip 1.

Several factors come into play that can cause you to slice the golf ball, but one of the most common reasons is improper set up. Always be sure your body is aligned properly towards the target line when you approach the ball. This means your left shoulder should be aimed right at your target. If your shoulder is out of alignment even a little bit, you stand a good chance of slicing the ball.

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Any experienced golfer would agree that the short game is crucial to scoring well.  In other words, what happens on and around the green can make or break your game.  Unfortunately, three-putts, four-putts and even worse happen more often than you suspect.  The good news is that you can use putting tips to hone your skills on the green and thereby lower your overall scores.

Putting Tip 1. Keeping the Putter’s Face Square:

Don’t stroke the ball with the blade open or closed.  If this is one of your putting problems, try the following putting drill:

Put a ball on the surface of the putting green.  Then stick a tee into the ground about a foot behind the ball and place a coin about six inches in front of the ball.  Stand over the ball and bring your putter back until it lightly taps the tee, then stroke it forward while making sure the putter face remains square as it passes over the coin in front.

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