Fixing The Dreaded Golf Slice – 5 Tips You Can Use

by Simon Butler

If you are having problems with your golf swing, you are probably looking for tricks that will help. Here are a few tips that may help you fix golf swing problems for good.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 1

Several factors come into play that can cause you to slice the golf ball, but one of the most common reasons is improper set up. Always be sure your body is aligned properly towards the target line when you approach the ball. This means your left shoulder should be aimed right at your target. If your shoulder is out of alignment even a little bit, you stand a good chance of slicing the ball.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 2

Get your grip right. There is no use swinging your club if your grip is out of kilter. Make sure you can see two or three knuckles on your left hand. If you can’t see them then your grip is not properly positioned. Take a minute to readjust your hands and get them in the correct placement.

You’ll also have to work at finding just the right grip strength. If you don’t grip tight enough, the club will wobble when you hit the ball and the ball will fly off course. On the other hand, if you grip the club too tightly, then you may not be able to release it quickly enough upon impact.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 3

In order for your golf ball to fly straight ahead, the club face has to hit it squarely. For that to happen, your hips must turn fully through the impact. Commonly, players hit balls too far to the right because they don’t get a full hip rotation through the strike zone. Train yourself to finish high because this forces your hips to turn fully and you can avoid slicing the ball.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 4

Don’t rush your golf swing. You may think if you speed up, the extra speed will cause your ball to gain more distance. This rarely works because your hands have a tendency to get ahead of your swing and this causes your club face to open. When your club face opens, even just a little bit, your ball will veer off to the right.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 5

Keep your head down. Many beginning golfers make the mistake of lifting their heads upon impact with the ball and this is a bad mistake to make because it will cause your ball to veer off. You’ve probably heard it many times, but it is true, you must keep your head down throughout your swing.

If you are frequently hitting your shots off to the right and can’t uncover the cause, have someone watch you make a few swings. You may be raising your head and not even know it. It is almost an instinct to want to look up to see where you ball is going so you have to train yourself to keep your head down until your swing is complete.

If you allow your right shoulder to get out of alignment, it can push your head up too early as well. Strive to keep your right shoulder where it belongs so it doesn’t come through upon impact to cause your chin and head to lift up too early.

These fix golf slice tips can help you gain better control of your shots if you practice them and take time to identify your problems so you can resolve them. Sometimes all it takes is a minor adjustment to get your ball to fly straight but you may have to practice it over and over until it becomes second nature.


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