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Golf Driving

Golf Driver Tips For Better Tee Shots

by Simon Butler
Every golfer wants to master the driver so golf driver tips are easy enough to find online and in magazines. To many, the driver is hard to master and is even intimidating. This collection of golf driver tips will hopefully help you gain control over this club and improve your game. Getting a solid reliable hit off the tee is a big part of a low golf score. Just ask anyone who has shagged a ball that sliced or hooked off the tee. A few shots like that and your score is ruined for the entire day. That's why reviewing [...]

Golf Downswing Tips For Better Distance

by Simon Butler
Your downswing is important to getting off a good shot so you'll want to master your downswing to the best degree possible. Here are a few golf downswing tips that might be helpful, especially for beginning players. It is easy to find all kinds of information on golfing such as tips on your stance, takeaway, backswing, follow through, and just about ever thing else. However, golf downswing tips are not that easy to find. When you are at the top of your backswing and start to come back down, your body creates the power needed to hit the ball squarely; [...]

Golf Swing Tips For More Successful Shots

by Simon Butler
Are you looking for some golf backswing tips to help you improve your game? Here are a few that might help. Why is my Golf Swing weak? There is no reason to make the takeaway phase of your swing more difficult than it has to be. You can take some of these golf backswing tips, put them into practice, and improve your game in no time. Of all the golf backswing tips you will come across, this one is the most crucial: to make a successful shot you must play the ball properly in your stance. Every shot in the [...]
Golf Chip Shot

Golf Chipping Tips To Help You Master Your Short Game

by Simon Butler
Your short game is important when playing golf so you probably work to improve it as much as you can. Here are some golf chipping tips that might help. As you can imagine, there are many different types of chips you can make so there is no one single best method for getting your ball close to the hole. A lot of factors come into play like the lie you have, the height of the grass, condition of the green, and your distance from the hole. One of the more basic golf chipping tips has to do with the standard [...]

Golf Distance Tips That Will Improve Your Yardage

by Simon Butler
If you are like most of your fellow golfers, you would like to know some golf distance tips that will help you boost your yardage. This article will provide you with some good advice, but in order to benefit from these golf distance tips, you need to hit the course and practice them. One of the first golf distance tips you should know is that it is not a good idea to sacrifice accuracy for length. After all, getting your ball far down the fairway will mean nothing to you if the shot ends in a trap or goes wild. [...]

Drive the Golf Ball Straight to Improve Your Game

by Simon Butler
Naturally, every golfer would love to drive the golf ball straight. After all, it's much easier to hit your next shot when the ball's sitting on the fairway than when the ball's in the trees or some gnarly rough. Unfortunately, the driver is one of the most difficult clubs to hit effectively. In general, the longer the club, the harder it can be to use properly, and the driver is obviously the longest club of all. That doesn't mean it's impossible to drive the golf ball straight with your driver - it's just a little more challenging. You'll need a [...]

Hit Long Irons Crisply by Using These Iron Tips

by Simon Butler
It takes time, patience and practice to learn how to hit long irons.  Of all the clubs you could have in your bag, the 1 through 4 irons are universally considered to be the most difficult to hit.  The following tips can help you learn how to hit long irons precisely and with confidence. Four Key Factors to Hit Long Irons Successfully: Although you'll come across hundreds if not thousands of iron tips about iron play, you must incorporate four key elements into every shot you take with a long iron:  careful alignment, good balance, smooth tempo and continuous club [...]