Tiger Wood – In Recent Times

by Simon Butler

There is little doubt that Tiger Wood has had an uncomfortably eventful life since the end of 2009 to date – turbulent would probably be a more appropriate term. His fall from grace was sparked by one mysterious accident. Well, the rest is history. Tiger Wood and his estranged now ex-wife Elin Nodegren have in August of 2010 finalized their divorce.

Elin Nodegren who had at some point dabbled in modeling met Tiger Wood through Jesper Parnevik, Tiger’s golfing buddy. The introduction took place during the British Open in 2001. Nodegren at the time worked as a baby sitter for Jesper’s children. Wood proposed to Nodegren in South Africa in 2003 and did not wait long after to marry her with the wedding taking place in 2004.

But if you thought that Tiger would want to lay low for a while as he let the embers of the divorce die off before hitting the headlines again, you are wrong. The top earning golfer has taken a $50 million mortgage to buy and refurbish a property in what was ranked the 2nd most expensive small town (less than 10,000 inhabitants) in a 2010 survey conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek and Zillow.com – Jupiter Island in Florida.

Now nearing completion, this plush property boasts an oxygen therapy room, a tennis court, a fitness center and a number of swimming pools. The house sits on an expansive 12 acre piece of land. And just in case you are wondering, Tiger Wood is indicated as single in the mortgage documents thus confirming the divorce from his Elin just 5 days prior to the transaction.

The only barrier to Wood moving from his luxurious New York apartment and taking up residence in his new home is the construction work at his new address (he had the previous property which was just 13 years old torn to the ground). Jupiter Island, with a population of 1000 residents is the place Tiger will live next to other big names like probably has the highest concentration of Celine Dion and fellow golfing great Greg Norman. Ex-wife Nodegren is expected to relocate to a home in Orlando so she can be in close proximity to Tiger since they share custody of the two children.

The mortgage goes to prove one thing about Tiger Wood – he is still very wealthy. In July 2010 Wood was named the richest sportsman according to Forbes Magazine earning up to $105 million. However, a good chunk of his fortune has been on the decline due to the costs of the divorce settlement and the major endorsement and advertising deals he lost when news of his ‘transgressions’ broke shattering his squeaky clean image.

However, it has not all been doom and gloom for the man who only trails Jack Nicklaus in number of golf majors won. On the 7th of September, Wood who had openly expressed his interest to play in the US team to the Ryder Cup, was together with Zach Johnson, Stewart Cink and Rickie Fowler picked as wild cards by the team captain for the tournament to be played in Wales.

Due to his plummeting performance, he had not managed to qualify for the team and had to rely on the captain’s goodwill to finally get a place. Set for October 2010 in Celtic Manor, the venue is a place Wood is very familiar with. In 1995, Wood was beaten at the same venue. Of course that was then – before he became a not only more experienced but also richer player.

On December 30th 2010, Tiger Wood will be turning 35. Even though this is not old by golfing standards with several golfers on the circuit well past 35 and still paying impressive golf, this is the point where the body starts to natural deteriorate. He already has had his fair share of injuries but as he ages, getting back to the form he had at his prime is possible but will take every last ounce of determination. Changing his swing coach does not make this any easier. Over his 14 years as a professional golfer, Tiger Wood has used three types of swings. He is now learning a fourth with his new swing coach Sean Foley.

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